how to open a locked car door

how to open a locked car door

tips how to open a locked car door

tip 1-Use a Shoestring

this method how to open a locked car door can be very useful to open any door of any car. all you need is shoestring. the first thing you need to do is to tie a small loop in the middle of the shoelace that when you place it on the locking mechanism it will be tightened around and than you will be able to pull the locking up. if you are not professional it may take more then one try but it can work

tip 2-use a Screwdriver and rod

the basic tools that you need are Philips screwdriver and steel rod and some time. first, take the screwdriver and use it to open the door slightly and then take the rod and stick it in and push the unlock button. when you insert the screwdriver to open the door be careful to not damage the door

tip 3- use an inflatable wedge

the biggest advantage of using inflatable wedge is that it is not Couse any damage to your car by using it you don’t need to use any metal to open the door what can cause a lot of damage. so how can you use inflatable wedge to open your car ? the wedge will create enough space and by that you will be able to insert any tool that can unlock your door

tip 4- call locksmith scarborough

if all the tries fails, you can call locksmith scarborough and we will assist you with unlock the door immediately. we have highly experienced technicians that can solve any problem they will face with if it unlocking a car door or even make a new key for you on the place that will open your car

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